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January 2018

B-bucket Leadership©

Why are some leaders and executives effective, satisfied and successful on a consistent basis? What is it that successful executives have or do that tends to put them in the “extraordinary” category? For two decades I have been watching, taking note and thinking about this question. It’s a question that has never ceased demanding an answer.

Over the past few years an answer has emerged and it is clear as a bell. Often the most powerful and profound concepts tend to appear simple. At least at first. Then comes further thought, exploration and a whole new world of thinking opens up. The following is a key answer to the question about what makes excellent leaders excellent.

B-bucket Leadership©

Excellent leaders are those who can get their needs met on a reasonably consistent basis while helping others to do the same. That’s it, I told you it was simple. That sums up the concept of B-bucket Leadership© and I know I’ve got some explaining to do. So next, let me share a long-held statistic shared by many behavioral scientists over many years; 85-90% of people’s behavior is initiated to meet a need. Again simple. This truth tells us that we are needs-meeting creatures pretty much all the time.

So if you accept the notion that we’re all a bunch of needs-meeters, then the B-bucket Leadership© definition of an excellent leader begins to get quite compelling. Below is the definition re-presented: Excellent leaders are those who can get their needs met on a reasonably consistent basis (A) while helping others to do the same (B). There are two basic categories or “buckets” related to this definition. The “A Bucket” (my needs) and the “B Bucket” (others’ needs).

Exceptional leaders are leaders who are effective with reasonable consistency in both buckets. Exceptional executives deliver their sought-after results with consistency as they also help and facilitate others to do the same. Remember, people behave to meet their needs. Over the years, I have witnessed the leadership careers of many men and women simply flourish because they performed well with the B-bucket Leadership© concept.

B-bucket Leadership© recognizes the vital importance of both the A & the B buckets and requires the inclusion of both. This model possesses many useful applications such as executive development, succession management, executive coaching, leadership development and emotional intelligence skill-building.

Next time let’s talk about the A-Bucket and the truth about the “A-Bucket-only” trap. This trap is understandable, oft times confounding and can derail many promising leadership careers. It’s well worth our attention. See you in March.


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