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May 2013

Expect the Expected
In the last edition of The Edge, we discussed the likelihood that talent shortfalls are expected to increase across the American business landscape. Businesses that have a strategy for retaining their best and their brightest as well as developing their leaders will have an advantage. And today, leadership at large has never been more necessary. But some organizations appear to ignore all the warnings.

Perhaps it is an issue of belief. The truth may be that some organizations likely either don’t believe they have to focus on development or they simply don’t believe they can afford to focus on development (at least not right now). And let’s continue telling the truth, so much of what’s out there in the way of leadership development resources can appear as same-old, same-old. Many of the organizations that focus on employee retention and leadership development may likely do an equal or better job than much of what’s out there.

But what if there were a leadership development and employee retention vehicle that was so effective, you could literally see the empirical evidence mounting before your eyes? What if you could expect to expect recognizable, tangible results? Actually, there is and you can.

BottomLine Leadership© exemplifies and celebrates the power of true partnership. By aligning with and supporting the organization’s strategy, BottomLine Leadership© develops leaders and key contributors to impact the bottom line in two clear and identifiable areas by:

Increasing leader productivity & effectiveness
Decreasing unwanted turnover (both employees and customers/clients)
BottomLine Leadership© returns the investment directly back to the bottom line. Not only does it fund itself, but it offers tangible and intangible gains manifold. Businesses can expect to expect recognizable leadership and organizational performance increase both inside the organization and out. Bottom line cultures develop bottom line leaders. Bottom line leaders build bottom line cultures. The results economy will have it no other way.

“Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results, not attributes.“ – Peter Drucker


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