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January 2018


Well it has been quite the year and although it’s not as yet over, we find ourselves in that final stretch. We’re right up to the beginning portion of the holiday season where many pause to count their blessings. And synonymous to blessings in my world are “learnings”. So it strikes me to take a brief look back, to count and recount some pause-worthy learnings. Working with my clients throughout the year is boundlessly invigorating. So often, we partner to co-develop needs-based solutions to advantage the organization and its leaders/executives.

So I have flipped back through my project(s) & coaching files to reflect on a few learnings from this year’s client collaborations. Some learnings are new and some are better described as “re-learnings”. As many of you know, Pease Strategic Partners offers a strict non-disclosure pledge to its clients whether an actual non-disclosure document is in place or not. It will be my task to adhere to the protection of confidentialities while also writing in such a way as to keep the messages from being too “coded” or oblique.

I saw a smart (IQ) executive fail because he/she refused to not be stubborn
Organizations investing in Succession Readiness elevate the enterprise for everybody
The digital, “swipe-and-type” culture now necessitates that organizations need to teach human relations strategies as never before as a new generation enters the workforce
Being sharp and impressive doesn’t mean you’re connecting with those around you
It seems like sometimes leaders can over-advocate for those they lead…
Maintaining a strong, unyielding position can diminish the ability to be heard
The voice of a knowledgeable executive is almost always welcome
Enterprise Value Leadership is the most advanced form of organizational leadership
“Disruption” can be challenging & fun
Extending graciousness to one who has erred opens the jail cell door for them
Another way to say intimacy is “into-me-you-see” and those who care and dare to take a look into their customer’s needs respect and honor them at the highest level
Ultimately, customer/clients move closer to you for their own sake, not for yours
It’s difficult to fully convey my gratitude to you for your partnership and your friendship. It seems like each time the Thanksgiving season comes around I try to express this message effectively but so often the exchange rate seems like just pennies on the dollar. It’s confounding yet incredibly pleasing that such gratitude – in such measure – even exists.

Have a terrific Thanksgiving.

[In January comes “B-bucket Leadership©”!].


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