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November 2014

Thank You
We always seem to comment to each other about how fast the year seems to go. And we’re right. With Thanksgiving already on our doorstep, we know that 2014 will be rapidly coming to a halt. For some of you, this year has provided more challenge than usual and for others, 2014 has been marked by one achieved accomplishment after another. And for many, it’s been a blend, a hybridized mixture of bounty and barren, triumph and tragedy, steps up and steps back.

For me, the very best part of 2014 has been working with you. My goodness, the diversity of projects and engagements – people and personalities. I am truly thankful that with each engagement comes much learning and reward. So just for fun, I have taken a few moments to consider but a few of the learnings from my work with you and others this year:

Leaders have to choose between greater things and lesser things (constantly)
Good people come through when the pressure is on
It’s easier to act like a leader than to react like one
Humility is a rare and advanced trait but noticed by many (from feedback on CEO)
Overcomers may be getting it only half right
There are secret ingredients in extraordinary executive coaching
“The Department of Redundancy Department” (habits can run you “loopy”)
About that last bullet… you can say that again.

It truly is my honor and privilege to be able to thank you for your partnership and your friendship. May you have a terrific Thanksgiving and a very strong finish to 2014.

And 2015 is really going to be something.


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