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July 2014

The Refresh Button
Well, 4th of July 2014 is likely to be a distant memory for most of us by now. We think of freedom at this holiday perhaps as no other. And the concept of freedom is something that I would like us to talk about. Firstly, as you might expect, many executives and leaders tend to possess an above average appetite for freedom. Most with whom I have worked over the years in coaching/confidant engagements tend to be pre-wired with a need for freedom, especially as it relates to their ability to excel.

Since we are smack dab in the middle of Summer 2014, I would like to ask perhaps a seasonally related question related to the notion of freedom. Here’s the question… How free are you to “recreate” (as in recreation)?

Most of you on this distribution list are quite hard workers and achievers. My goodness, the time, effort and focus you put into your work. Your tireless persistence is admirable and produces results for the business and provisions for the family. And you’ve made a name for yourself doing it this way. Truthfully, you should be congratulated (if not cloned). You would have it no other way and I agree with you.

It’s also true that we are built for regular recreation, rest and refreshment. We were meant to work and refresh in regular cycles. You may be among the wise, who guards their self-care as an important priority, but many do not.

I was listening to a discussion on a radio program a few weeks ago and the discussion centered on when people choose to “power down” for the night. There was some expert telling us all that this 24-7 cycle of communication expectation is too much, that we need to refresh and unplug daily (nightly). I found myself riveted to the conversation. There is a foundational question in play here. When should the corporate performer unplug from communication devices and all things digital? More importantly, when do you?

Let’s face it, people holding meaningful positions at times must be available during times normally set aside as “personal”. Of course. But what about the rest of the time? These are not naive questions but questions about how free you really are to rejuvenate, restore, relax and replenish. When and how do you press your “refresh button”?


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