Top Teams – 5 Things

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July 2015

Top Teams – 5 Things


They eliminate “unforced errors” for themselves and for their other Team members. They are technically competent and strive to do their jobs with increasing excellence. Individual excellence is needed and expected as each offers their excellence for the benefit of the Team and its vision.
Margin of victory is expected to be high. They like to win big and do not settle for “just enough” or to merely eke out a win. They sometimes will apologize for a close contest if they recognize their effort falls below their own high expectations and will often suggest that they, “shouldn’t have won”.
They practice together and they perform together. Very well. Article from Daniel Goleman suggests that athletes spend more time practicing and less time performing, while business executives invest nearly no time practicing and almost all of their time performing. They join with each other to do both. They sometimes attend each other’s meetings.
They know where they are. Their situational awareness (S.A.) is strong. They are aware of their Team members’ needs, whereabouts and what is going on. They anticipate each other’s movements. They know where they stand in relation to their targets. They are on top of their deliverables and are able to prioritize for Team and organizational excellence.
They truly get a charge out of performing together and look forward to the opportunities that come their way. They have fun excelling and performing at high levels. Their kidding is good natured yet often protects the Team culture of success and excellence. The fun they have is contagious.



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