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November 2009

What Mark Twain once wrote is worth repeating, “I’d have written you a shorter letter if I’d had the time.” So much to communicate, so little room. In keeping with my pledge of brevity, this 2010 opening Edge will be concise. We need to revisit our discussion of our fixing behaviors, but before we pick that back up, a thought has been with me for a few days that seems appropriate to share at this time of year.

So many leaders and executives with whom I interacted in the fourth quarter of last year began echoing what seemed like a broadly held view. Good riddance 2009! Ready to try a new year. A fresh decade. So here we are entering a new decade that will be sure to hold many victories, surprises and challenges. A future filled with objectives, obstacles and outcomes.

Someone once said that, “Opportunity swings like a door on the hinges of opposition”. What does that mean to you? Perhaps seizing opportunity is also about seizing the opposition that comes along with it. In many ways I wish we didn’t have opposition, that our goals weren’t opposed. But most goals and worthy pursuits really are about change. We are causing the change. Like it or not dealing with opposition is the only way to move toward our achievement.

I suppose it would be close to consulting/coaching malpractice if I did not inject into this discussion a question or two for you. What opportunity is before you this year? Are you willing to see and tell the truth about the hinges of opposition? Where does that door lead you in your work and in your career? These are threshold questions to answer as you step toward a successful 2010.

In the year ahead, The Edge will continue to look at talent management and leadership development issues. What is the disposition of our talent today in American business? If we’re past the worst of the economic downturn what should leadership be doing? And what if we’re not?

Pease Strategic Partners wishes you a terrific 2010 ahead here at the doorway of this new decade.


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