Coaching is not about, “telling someone what to do”. Solid, authentic coaching is about listening, observing and assisting another toward greater goal achievement through improved methods and behaviors. PSP knows that most good people really do want to do a good job. Many in American business fail to reach their true potential due to lack of feedback, skill deficiency or ineffective interpersonal behavior. The successful coaching engagement keeps its focus on the business and ROI. The most successful engagements always involve some facet of individual change. Change for the better. Change for the best, but change.

Below are our seven basic scenarios or types of coaching services offerings:

Executive Confidant

Resourcing the already successful to move toward extraordinary.
The executive benefits from an experienced and impartial second set of eyes and ears as they weigh their many strategic and tactical decisions in confidence. They are in the best position to solve the present and the future and choose to engage in thought partnership with a key external resource whose only agenda is the executive’s success.

Best-in-Class Coaching

Recognizing the best want to get better.
The top 20% of talent in organizations are consumers of employment. These, “best-in-class” performers are those who truly make the magic happen and deliver the highest ROI’s for the coaching investment. Investing in winners is an excellent productivity and retention strategy.

Emerging Leader

Readying the future executive of promise.
Many times the emerging leader possesses above average technical competence and do-how, building a track record of results and achievement, but may be lacking in leadership, interpersonal or strategic skills. Emerging leaders often welcome coaching as a perk.

Executive/Leader Assessment

Identifying first who, then what.
Identifying where one is before determining where one is going enables the executive, leader or entrepreneur to better understand what it’s really going to take. PSP is certified in a host of assessments and instrumented learning tools to deliver valuable self-learning and insight.

Post 360° Feedback

Determining what to do after the feedback.
Multi-rater feedback reports often are relegated to the shelf after the feedback event. PSP stays with the feedback recipient to augment the learning with additional assessment and direction to better leverage the learning for lasting and meaningful results.


Distinguishing opportunities from de-railers for next level performance.
The successful entrepreneur or “professional-in-production” knows that in order to move to the next level they must leverage their ideas into efficient, sensible action. As simple as it appears, how the entrepreneur thinks and acts has everything to do with their success.

Career Decision

Committing to moving up or moving on.
Career assessment is the focus here as PSP helps the leader determine fit and individual brand alignment. Masterful career management is foundational for every successful executive, leader or entrepreneur. In today’s changing environment, readiness is key. Seeing and telling the truth is the foundational element of this focus.

Note: Pease Strategic Partners’ five phase executive coaching process is individualized to meet the unique needs of the individual and the specific requirements of the environment.