Leadership development is not an option for the high functioning, successful organization. With talent shortages emerging throughout the United States, today’s organization can ill-afford to ignore this vital productivity, retention and succession strategy. Leaders, teams and organizations often fail due to skill deficiency and many of these losses can be avoided. Leaning on suboptimal leadership talent to carry out the strategy of the organization is risky. PSP delivers solutions to equip, resource and advantage organizational leadership talent with offerings that provide authentic skill building and self management mastery.

Leader Effectiveness Training© (L.E.T.)

Builds powerful and enduring skills.
Mid level to C-suite leadership learns how to more effectively communicate in the workplace, marketplace and at home. These powerful strategies developed by, and property of three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Dr. Thomas Gordon offers pre-emptive advantage in managing conflict and enhancing problem-solving. Many “Best Places to Work” organizations in the U.S. utilize this platinum level learning experience.

360° Feedback

Removes blind spots to facilitate productive change.
Whether electronic or interview format, the Listen-Learn-Leverage formula of PSP delivers certified, meaningful, lasting change supported by experienced guidance. PSP facilitates the feedback process in its entirety from installation to post feedback development and achievement planning. When multi-rater systems are already in place, PSP works with and along side the current system to deliver the finest multi-rater feedback delivery and development experience in the industry.

Conflict Resolution

Reduces one of America’s primary internal productivity impediments.
Conflict, whether it is interpersonal, team or at the cultural level robs the organization of its valuable resources. Productive work time is diminished when conflict is not managed effectively. PSP offers a no-nonsense, truthful and effective suite of solutions around this inevitable aspect of today’s working environments. Converting conflict to increased opportunity and equipping individuals and teams to better recognize and manage conflict is the focus.

Change Management

Builds agile response and response-ability for the inevitable.
Relevant, real and platitude-free learning for the individual and the organization. Assessing a leader’s change management orientation as well as the organization’s position in the change process is central to building more a more agile culture. Whether the change is on the horizon, already upon the organization or is an un-reconciled event of the past, PSP offers both the individual and the organization awareness, learning and skills to prevail.

Team Building

Connects team members by reducing relational distance.
Whether a leadership team is in the forming stage or is separated by robust work demands and physical distance, team building is a focus-worthy initiative. Though many versions of team building are on the market today, PSP believes that authentic team building is a credible blend of both relationship building and goal advancement. Leadership teams with a results orientation need to be challenged. Reducing distance and increasing trust leads to results.

Leadership Skills

Customized, skill-based learning programs meeting specific needs.
Primarily need(s)-driven, customized leadership development solution(s) for the organization. Non-codified offerings on virtually any topic or area of focus related to the increased effectiveness of the organization or team. Focus can be current business related book, research or study. Needs analysis may be conducted by the organization or PSP to fine tune understanding to offer solutions that more closely support organizational needs and strategy.

Leadership Assessment Services

Instrumented learning tools for specific feedback.
For pre-selection, pre-promotion, on-boarding/assimilation, development, teambuilding or talent management. PSP is honored and proud to have certifications and years of experience with many of the leading assessment instruments in use today. Whenever possible, PSP seeks to discover and learn in order to deliver more relevant and profitable solutions that meets the needs of each and every client.