Strategic direction is the energizing, unifying x-factor that causes organizations to operate and behave the way they do. Without a strategic driver, the organization is ultimately doomed to a past orientation. Authentic strategic leadership looks internally and externally seeking to deliver a better future by leveraging its true brand. PSP delivers strategic business services that align strategy with talent for better performance in the marketplace. The past and the present are never ignored but are utilized as a foundational element of the strategic development process. Strategic development is a never ending process that when done well, energizes and propels.

Strategic Planning & Alignment

Creating a shared focus for the future.
For the organization to achieve its strategic objectives, there must be alignment between its strategy and its approach to talent management. In short, strategy drives talent management, and talent management drives performance toward the successful execution of the strategic plan. PSP offers a three phase process that is flexible and celebrates the organization’s unique assets and capabilities.

Talent Management

Managing and deploying talent for competitive advantage.
PSP offers consulting services around the organization’s entire talent life cycle. From the entrance door through the exit, organizations that better manage their human resources are the organizations that win in the marketplace. PSP helps the organization achieve strategic alignment between its strategic objectives and its talent management strategy to accelerate productive achievement.

Employee Retention

Reducing unwanted turnover.
Turnover is a symptom and a measurement metric of the organization’s talent management and cultural health. The tangible and intangible costs of turnover are staggering. From pre-selection planning through exit interviewing PSP offers strategic and tactical solutions that impact and reduce unwanted turnover. For many industries, the talent pool has becomes the talent puddle. Organizations committed to talent retention are better positioned to perform and excel in the marketplace.

Cultural Assessment

Asking the right questions for keen insight.
Assessing the present state of organizational culture is often a strong step toward strategic and competitive advantage in the marketplace. Utilizing both electronic and interview format, PSP offers polling services to provide the organization and its leadership the opportunity to learn where opportunity exists for greater goal advancement and achievement.

Succession Management

Identifying and developing the performance of future leaders.
Research indicates that only about a third of U.S. companies report that they are competent at identifying future leaders. PSP offers solutions related to succession planning, succession management and succession readiness, specifically aligned to the organization’s unique success factors. Often, once an organization has identified its future leaders, little is done to move the future leaders along the path to ready now status.

Strategic Sourcing

Partnering with additional talent that delivers the PSP mission.
Guaranteeing satisfaction, PSP offers its clients additional consulting resources when the needs of the organization call for competencies and expertise outside our purvey or ancillary to our offerings. PSP will never compromise the quality of an organization’s needed solution(s) by taking on too much or endeavoring to provide direction outside of our level of competence. PSP is both able and proud to be able to source the organization with the ultimate, right fit.

Leadership Assessment Center

Instrumented learning tools for specific feedback.
For pre-selection, pre-promotion, on-boarding/assimilation, development, teambuilding or talent management. PSP is honored and proud to have certifications and years of experience with many of the leading assessment instruments in use today. Whenever possible, PSP seeks to discover and learn in order to deliver more relevant and profitable solutions to its clients.